Quality Assurance and Quality Control - the progress in agile development.

Let's start by saying that the perception of the tech industry being unreachable for people with backgrounds outside of tech, is changing at a fast pace.

Nowadays, many people decide to leverage the skills gained from their previous work experiences and choose to be successful in the digital world.

In this article, we'll talk about the switch from Quality Engineer to QA Software Testing.

Many people are attempting to switch careers towards the software industry. This career change won't come easily, but it certainly may be the best choice you'll make when it comes to your professional development.

Are you ready to take the jump?

Career Changes and Possibilities in North Macedonia. The future is digital. This is something we hear, read, and quite frankly are surrounded by daily. This is what attracts the attention of many young professionals, which now more than ever are making the switch in their careers and are turning digital.

For example, if you studied Biochemistry there are great opportunities in the industries such as pharmaceuticals, where products and processes require a high level of Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Looks like Quality Assurance Software Testing is something that's developing with full steam when thinking about the opportunities that we have in North Macedonia.

Sure, everything depends on where you want to develop your career, but choosing the digital world is something most young people see as a better opportunity. And they might be right.

So before thinking of changing careers, what's the first thing that you should do?

It's the research and finding out what's the situation on the job market.

One of these people is Ana Markovska, who's done her "homework" and has a clear idea of what the field is about. She has embraced the fact that changing from standard QA/QC Engineer to QA Software Tester can bring better professional development, especially if we consider the situation in our country.

Having the needed analytical thinking, and numerous other soft and technical skills acquired through her 2 years of experience as a Quality Engineer, she's chosen to switch from “manual” to digital.

Understanding the concepts of software testing and how the Agile methodologies work in the product development and the Quality cycle is something Ana is already familiar with. But, of course, she's open to upgrading her skills which will in time lead her to her ultimate goal of becoming a scrum master.

Quality Engineer as a Profession vs. QA Software Tester

Quality engineers are professionals who combine analysis with advanced testing to ensure a reliable output. Main duties include setting up and conducting tests, making alterations or improvements to products before their release. These people are analyzing test data to identify errors, acquire parameters and engage in product reviews to gain feedback.