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Course Code AM-001

Stressed Woman

Rebuild Your Employer Reputation and Increase Resilience

  • Identify and reduce stress by setting meaningful goals and objective

  • Communicate your purpose positively and respectfully

  • Build a positive manager-employee relationship

  • Create meaningful compensation systems without having to spend much

  • Use job flexibility to increase resilience

  • Create a culture of well-being and recognize health

8 hours sessions

Price: 850 USD

Course Code AM-002

Playing Basketball


Leadership Skills

  • Create a culture of high achievers by identifying everyone’s potential

  • Understand faster what motivates the people you lead

  • Develop social skills and interact constructively

  • Communicate with your team more successfully by understanding behaviors

  • Increase employee engagement

8 hours sessions

Price: 1250 USD

Course Code AM-003

Sales web.jpg

Improving Sales through Well-being Strategies

  • Target achievement and success

  • Improve engagement and sales

  • Deal with challenges effectively

  • Identify performance traps

  • Incorporate sales techniques for any industry

  • Incorporate your resilience skills for your team

  • Enable a resilience culture

  • Improve your brand and reputation

8 hours sessions

Price: 1050 USD

Course Code AM-004

Smiling Man on Laptop

Retain Your Best Talent and Achieve Excellence

  • Understand what motivates your top talent

  • Increase retention and enhance employer brand

  • Understand how to align organizational and employees’ goals

  • Enhance engagement and retention on all levels

  • Develop techniques to increase positive and productive work culture

8 hours sessions

Price: 650 USD

Course Code AM-005


“Smart” Company Cultures and Competencies

  • Understand conflicts and try to find the source

  • Provide solutions for conflicting situations

  • Enhance vital social skills for a progressive workplace

  • Create a respectful and successful work environment

  • Decode verbal and non-verbal messages from others

8 hours sessions

Price: 850 USD

Course Code AM-006

06 Team Building (2).jpg

One Way to Make Your HR Team More Resilient

  • Identify key stress contributors in your organization

  • Determine your employees' needs and address them efficiently

  • Develop strategies for building resilient HR teams

  • Develop techniques to create positive and productive work culture

  • Create a culture of well-being and recognizing mental health benefits

  • Incorporate stress-reduce activities at work and align them with your goals

8 hours sessions

Price: 1050 USD

Course Code AM-007

Image by Shingi Rice

Resilience in the Workplace - Key benefits

  • Raise resilience by identifying main contributors to stress at work

  • Understand the consequences of stress at work

  • Gain skills to create a positive and resilient workplace

  • Discover mindfulness and its benefits at work

  • Embrace change to build resilience

  • Encourage teams to ask for guidance

  • Discover the benefits of having resilient employees

8 hours sessions

Price: 850 USD

Course Code AM-008

Smiling Girl

Employee Well-being as a Key Business Strategy

  • Determine the benefits of practicing well-being strategies at work

  • Learn how to increase employee motivation and collaboration within teams

  • Obtain communication skills and techniques for having respectful dialogues

  • Clarify Individual and organizational well-being relations and links

8 hours sessions

Price: 750 USD

Course Code AM-009

Auckland 03_edited (2).jpg

Know-how for

Influence and Impact

  • Identify key interpersonal skills to interact with others successfully

  • Develop your personal leadership style

  • Analyze and understand verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Understand strategies for influencing others and making impact

8 hours sessions

Price: 1250 USD

Course Code AM-010

Live Piano Mihail.jpg

New Performance Management

  • Achieve objectives and track progress

  • Review achievements and set new goals

  • Create reduced stress but high-achievers culture

  • Communicate feedback, job responsibilities, and performance review easily and effectively

  • Link Performance Reviews to Your Reward Strategy

8 hours sessions

Price: 1450 USD

Course Code AM-011

Rugby Players

Key Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace

  • Be able to analyze and understand

  • Build healthy relationships by learning how to interact in diverse workplaces

  • Become a clear communicator and achieve your goals

  • Develop conflict management strategies

  • Increase self-confidence by reading others behaviors

8 hours sessions

Price: 850 USD

Course Code AM-012

Image by Mimi Thian

Become an Employer of Choice

  • Create a resilient culture of well-being

  • Learn techniques that resilient employees practice

  • Grow strong and agile leadership that is ready for tomorrow

  • Have a more strategic talent acquisition program

  • Discover the values and importance of good employer branding

8 hours sessions

Price: 850 USD

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