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Vladimir Mihail Kitanovski_edited.png

Development Consultant ​

Vladimir Kitanovski is a Development Consultant at Kitanovski & D2EM. Starting his involvement with the company from a very young age as an Assistant Consultant, Vladimir has worked in a variety of fields and industries, mostly focusing on sales, security management, digital marketing, and strategy. As a Development Consultant, Vladimir focuses on development project planning, doing research pertaining to current and upcoming projects, and data analysis for the purposes of Kitanovski & D2EM and its clients.

One of Vladimir’s main assets when working with Kitanovski & D2EM is his love of knowledge and research. As a Development Consultant, knowing how to gather, synthesize, and analyze information is a key skill which Vladimir regularly employs to great effect in his work with the company. Furthermore, his curiosity and open-mindedness allow him to posit different and alternative ways to approaching problems, thus making his input truly valuable when working as a Development Consultant with the company’s clients.

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International Business & Management Consultant

Mihail Kitanovski is one of the world's most established business and management consultants. Since 1996, he has worked with more than 1000+ clients all over the world in more than 80 different fields of work. 

Exhibiting specific knowledge and tremendous interest in the industries and ways of work of his clients, he is bound to be of great help and support to them to the greatest extent of his abilities. 

Furthermore, his consulting focuses on helping clients in their work and business lives but also encourages them into leading lives that are ethical, with a strong set of values, and an ability to increase competence in any area required for the growth and well-being of their businesses.

A superb piano player, he employs the use of humor throughout his workshops – something highly appreciated by his clients in the many seemingly difficult situations, which can arise throughout the consulting process as new issues are being discovered and resolved on the spot.

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