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Automation has become essential in many fields of industries. It allows processes to function with increased efficiency and productivity. Today's industrial automation is leveling to the next stage of the industrial revolution with the innovation of breakthrough technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, the internet of things, robotics, and others.

Industrial automation and how TROKUT TEST GROUP delivers integrated solutions and how does TROKUT TEST GROUP satisfy client’s requirements?

Automation is a broad term applied to any mechanism that improves moves by itself. It describes a wide range of technologies, methods, and tools used to reduce human intervention, such as automotive, electronics, medicine, or the aero industry.

ASH TECHNOLOGIES Digital Magnification And Imaging Solutions Designed For Industry

SONOTEC Predictive Maintenance With Ultrasound

QATM Sample Preparation For Metallography Analyses

Industrial automation is a field that deals primarily with the automation of industrial processes and machinery to reinforce manufacturing, material handling, and quality control processes. Automation has shifted to minimizing error and improving quality and flexibility in a manufacturing process.

How does Industry 4.0 change businesses?

Businesses are in a new industrial era that’s transforming traditional values in manufacturing. Industry 4.0 provides the opportunity for companies to be responsive to customers in ways traditional manufacturers can't do. Through big data and cloud computing, they can respond immediately to customer demands in a short lead time. TROKUT TEST GROUP experts provide a wide range of integrated solutions and fully share 4.0 know-how and experience.

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