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Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management aims to improve the safety of tailings facilities

The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management establishes the first global standard on tailings management that can be applied to existing and future tailings facilities, wherever they are, and whoever operates them.

Strengthening current practices in the mining industry by integrating social, environmental, local economic, and technical considerations, the Standard covers the entire tailings facility lifecycle – from site selection, design and construction, through management and monitoring, to closure and post-closure.

With an ambition of zero harm to people and the environment, the Standard significantly raises the bar for the industry to achieve strong social, environmental, and technical outcomes. It elevates accountability to the highest organizational levels and adds new requirements for independent oversight. The Standard also establishes clear expectations around global transparency and disclosure requirements, helping to improve understanding by interested stakeholders.

The Standard covers SIX KEY TOPICS: affected communities; integrated knowledge base; design, construction, operation, and monitoring of tailings facilities; management and governance; emergency response and long-term recovery; and public disclosure and access to information. These topics contain 15 Principles and 77 specific auditable requirements for operators to adhere to.

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