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Financial management if you have less than 10 employees

In order for the business to have sustainability for a longer period of time, it needs to have a great financial plan, because most small businesses fail in a couple of years. It needs to survive past the infant stage which is crucial. Many businesses fail in the first year of exitance about 20%, by the end of the first 5 years about 50% more or less will have fail. The following reasons are the most common reasons why some small businesses fail.

1. Bad Management

2. No clear goals that match the right strategy

3. Inadequate marketing and finance strategy

There are many other reasons for failing both internally and externally. So, good financial management will help the firm on buying or selling strategies whatever or not you can afford the asset. The enlargement of the marketplace, de facto growing the firm. Helps the small business to look into the future and make sufficient decisions.

One of the important things for a small business is to make a budget. The budget will keep track of the expenses so don’t get overboard. Also, it will help to plan the future so you make your firm be more economical, efficient, and effective, the 3 E’s are very knowledgeable in the field of economics and business.

Many small businesses may or may not have an accountant for their bookkeeping. If they don’t know how to operate with a budget, they can pay people to do it for them, and of course the other accounting stuff. You may hear the term cash flow, which means how the money Is allocating in and out of the business.

It could also be a good thing to have an income statement so the owners, investors can know if their business is succeeding or failing and the procedures in order to survive. If the firm has a negative operating and net income.

Creating a detailed forecast and using that information to drive a budget for your company is one of the most impactful steps your company can take toward intelligent cash flow management. Combining a thoughtful forecast with a heightened awareness of your spending as well as the cost-benefit analysis of each expense means you will have the information and planning in place that can help you achieve more sustainable growth.

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