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What is the best answer for changing a job? Managing yourself – a few ways to bungle a job change.

Work can also be called our second home because we spend most of our waking hours dedicated to our work. All jobs have some level of stress, even on the good days. But if going to work or just thinking about it makes us tired, depressed, or even physically ill, then it's time to think about a change.

I chose to change my profession. Many of us will say that the older one gets, the harder it is to decide on such a serious step. Every mind is different and thinks differently. But the most important thing is to overcome our own limiting thoughts and thus we will manage to build our self-confidence, and self-esteem and at the same time open doors for new opportunities in our careers. We don't quit our jobs, we quit the toxic work environment. Although some think that the change of profession is radical and can lead to a professional decline, I think that it is something that can change our lives for the better. The change is not only professional but also personal. It can take us in a completely different direction in life and encourage us to finally start doing the work we've always wanted.

Take a step, no matter how small. At this time, with all the information available, it is worth a try. See the change as an opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge, and progress. Be brave enough to reject your prejudices and commit yourself to the opportunities that are offered to you, choosing a career and success tailored to your standards.

I chose the Human Resources profession as a change because it gives me the opportunity to find different ways to create a dignified work environment in which employees will develop trust in the company, respect, and loyalty. I want to support them in their work, making them persistent and dedicated employees who continuously learn and thus help companies achieve their mission.

Switching careers is the act of pursuing an occupation outside of your current position.

You might switch careers to:

· Have a more flexible work environment

· Advance within a team

· Earn a higher salary

· Travel more or less for work activities

· Work under a different leadership team

· Reduce stress

· Feel appreciated

If you are persistent, determined, and believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.

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