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A happy employee equals a flourishing company 💙

Since last year, the explorer in me has been fighting against the routine that has enveloped me on both professional and personal levels. Changing businesses and jobs to find good employment and a suitable work environment that satisfies my requirements did not always result in the intended result, but it did give birth to fresh perspectives on myself and new ideas on how I may contribute to improving working conditions in a firm.

>> In the years afterward, I've also recognized that I'm not the only one seeking for adequate and decent working circumstances, which is a worldwide quest. Companies may have millions of certifications for employees who have finished training, but the truth remains that this knowledge must be put into effect, and the responsible person in the organization must approve it. <<

The fear that someone better and more capable than will come leaves the company where it is and creates huge frustrations among employees who become unhappy in the long run. The expression " employee " is a contemporary term for a slave who, in a firm, does not have the right to voice his attitude or opinion about fixing even little problems, much alone major ones. It is obvious that an unhappy employee makes the company dissatisfied, resulting in lower profitability in the long term. Starting with myself, in order to be creative and original, I must feel accepted by the collective and understood by the management team.

Another area for development is communication between employees and between employees and supervisors. These are only a few of the issues that have been identified, and only the boldest firms will be willing to work on them. Employers, changes are knocking on your door all around you. Are you ready to crack it open?

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