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Workplace well-being, engagement & cultures - How relevant are they to positive employee experience?

As workplace cultures have become more important and visible, leaders are shifting their focus towards employee well-being practices and generating engagement on new principles.

"Forward looking organizations around the world are increasingly recognizing the critical role employee well-being plays in engaging employees and cultivating strong workplace cultures that drive business performance." - State of the Industry Survey Report.

To achieve a workplace culture that puts its effort into developing and engaging their teams, the implementation of the following three areas, when combined adequately, can help in accomplishing that goal:

1. updated human resources practices

2. implemented workplace resilience strategies

3. developed different sets of "people skills" of all employees, not only leadership

We are undoubtedly facing changes in our social interactions nowadays, which is why organizational communication had been affected on various levels, and communication is one of the key factors of employee engagement.

Since interpersonal skills have a significant impact on our relationships with others it is highly beneficial to have these skills working for us if we want to keep working with others effectively through new forms, rules, or even new job requirements that we are facing right now. Good communication is only one of them.

Resilience is another skill to have. It is actually both a skill and a choice, and the good news is, we all have it to some extent and if there is a need for higher resilience, we can learn to develop it, like any other skill.

What all successful organizational cultures have in common is developed resilience. It all starts with the mindset and if we chose to go in that directions, there will be changes taking place on all levels, and even though it won't necessarily be the path for every company, there is a ripple effect once it gets started, so the benefits can be seen eventually everywhere.

The overall purpose of combining these processes and strategies is to make us feel prepared for different challenges, to be able to manage our relationships and to achieve work results without feeling unnecessary pressure.

Cultures can be changed, it is possible, and the important thing to understand is that whatever aspect you want to change within your organization

, not all of your problems will go away, but choosing to make your teams more resilient and to have engaged and adaptable employees will save you the time for solving many potential setbacks in the future.

Author: Ana Smiljkovic, HR and L&D professional helping others improve their soft skills through a growth mindset

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Mihail Kitanovski
Mihail Kitanovski
Dec 14, 2020


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