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Work-life balance and transferable skills as a salesperson at PALMKI.BE by harmony with complexity.

We all know that lately, companies, institutions, and even regular people are often suffering from hacking their passwords, usernames, and pin codes, and abusing and copying NFC cards between employees is everyday life. Because we can finally offer the most secure solution on the market because the data are inside the palm, we keep data as hash code instead of as a picture, making copying practically impossible. Cause of the contactless usage makes it highly hygienic approved. Comfortable and easy registration is making people love it. Highly control, which our solution offers the companies for time and access control, provides them with an easy way of tracking and following their employees. Employees are secure because nobody else will hack, abuse, or use their login credentials.

Thinking about the environment and not using hard plastic as an NFC card is the best what we can do for our planet. Those are a few of the benefits which make me enjoy sales PALMKI. Offering complete solutions to our clients, post-sales care, empathy, learning problems, and fixing them for them brings me immense joy in my working career. Following buyer mentality politic is a straightforward way of establishing friendly contact with our customers. Everybody must feel safe and rely on us, in not only easy and relaxing situations but in problematic and difficult cases too. I am happy to offer them this kind of cooperation. In the end, seeing happy and smiling faces are the biggest motto in our organization and, for sure most significant success for my colleagues and me.

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