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Strategic Human Resources Management and Quality Management, key for 2023

One of the terms that you will likely come across if you are interested in starting a culture of change is a mix of Strategic Human Resources Management and Quality Management.

The basic concepts of HR & Quality Management:

  • Working together as a team to improve daily processes

  • Improving HR processes will increase product and service quality

  • HR decisions should be made by using factual information rather than by a gut feeling

  • Managers need to investigate HR problems themselves to gather information

  • A series of small HR changes over time can lead to SHRM

  • Human resources is not a job position that ends with the working time, it is a long-term process

  • Human resources can be the most important link between employees and top management

  • Every big company wants to have loyal and most importantly satisfied employees

Achieving a one-way goal in today's business world is no longer enough, if there is no mutual understanding and balance between employees and top management, it is considered an unachieved goal, we should always strive for improvement, progress, and profitability.

The human resources manager controls all these details to help the company and its employees, which will contribute to long-term success and development.

The constructive work itself, the way it recruits workers, places them in the positions that best suit them, and brings out the best in them, gives us the right to say that human resources are one of the main, if not the main, link in every company.

In this profession, if you want to control yourself use your head, if you want to control others use your heart.

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