Progressive Leadership Skills - interactive online training

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

1. Intro

• To identify the core leadership skills

• To be progressive via leading in any situation

• Identify leadership style

• Self-motivation

• Executive skills

What is a Progressive Leadership: Mihail’s model for improving progressive leadership skills

1. Be the first one: responsible, decision making, business, etc.

2. Know-how for industry/product/service

3. Organization and time management

4. Communication:

a. Solution provider

b. By default accept a minimum of 50% of other’s proposals

c. To be a motivator for others

5. Executive Skills

6. Contingency in the business processes

2. Lead with integrity

• Honest

• Trustworthy

• Reliable

Fundamentals for progressive leadership and successful relationships.

3. Exploit the creative potential

• How to break your routine to trigger creativity

• The best leaders make a continual effort to expand their minds and leadership

• Learning new, creative ways of thinking

4. Great leaders are intentional about being accessible

Outstanding leaders make a concentrated effort to be accessible and available to those who need them.

5. Great leaders are improving their communication skills

• They know the importance of being careful in every word they write, say, email, text, and tweet.

• The art of communication is the language of leadership and essential to success, and it works for those who work at it.

6. Great leaders make others feel valued

• Great leaders never forget = to make colleagues feel valued and appreciated.

• Ensuring reward systems that are meaningful and tailored to support employee aspirations inspires confidence and trust