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Powerful changes in your company – think to help your business with EU grants (EBRD for SMB)


Many things changed, and they changed very fast. All those changes demand that companies make a number of structural and operational changes. Many of the changes will be crucial for their future success. Launce now to help your business manage the COVID-19 crisis. “Exist opportunity”- Get practical advice from business professionals that can be used in any situation and will increase the skillset and impact of you and your staff. The concept that could help companies successfully tackle the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis, as well as the challenges and the opportunities of the new normal.


- The Know-How for SMB ‘’EU Grant for your idea’’

- Focused on highly practical areas, including improving cash flow, securing new financing, and sales, marketing, and managing your team through these challenging times.

- Structural and operational changes

- Going forward with the digitization of processes in your company

- Develop new skills to boost your business


If you are confronting with growth limits in your business or face various competition, you should look for alternatives. Your products, services, or technologies could also be useful in industries where you have not been active before. Market innovation is one of them. You try to transfer the business model and technologies you already use to new fields of application. It is important to get a precise picture of your own portfolio and technologies. It is helpful to abstract the function, benefits, and properties of your products.

Finally, you will have concrete discussions with industry representatives, business consultants,s and potential customers and discuss your plans together. These discussions give rise to opportunities and risks for possible market entry. You will find out whether the problems that your technology solves in the specific industry are actually relevant.

The benefit is:

1) New sales opportunities 2) Broader risk diversification 3) Lead generation 4) Low cost


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