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People don't want to be targeted, they want to build relationships, right?

Dear friends People don't want to be targeted at the market; they want to build relationships, right? What kind of digital marketing do we need? What strategy? These days there are millions of people starting to build blogs, dozens of social networking platforms and enough acronyms - SEO, PPC, or CTA. It's important to create detailed, useful content, use social media wisely, start posting, optimize pages, and one of the most important things to consider is: * Create unique pages for different target audiences * Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation: o Uniqueness refers to the specific work (activity, message, business) that needs to be realized o Illustrate how your product/service may affect your audience o Show how functional and what are the implications of your product/service o Easily find key information o Tell users what they can do o Explain how they can do this o Social proof: Highlight key customers to establish credibility o Tell users how much it costs - simple but important In the end, the design is the key to retaining a page, which should have a positive impact anyway. Take into account all the opinions, ask for more and make changes again according to the principles and the presentation that you have imagined.

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