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Achieving Excellence in Human Resources Management

Trust comes out from the heart of interpersonal relationships. At first, you need to make sure that you have a trustworthy relationship, and then comes loyalty. In the work environment, trust is expressed between the employer and the employee. Loyalty is not built in one day, it is earned day by day.

Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. It is a two-way street.

Which employees are loyal? If we ask managers from different companies, we will get different answers. Some consider a loyal employee to be the one who stays overtime, another thinks that he always takes the burden easily and is on the side of the management, third that he is a person who has been working since the establishment of the company although the reasons for his persistence may be personal…

Faithful employees are valued and have a range of qualities. They have the following characteristics:

- are bearers of the established traditions and values,

- appreciate their job,

- they handle easily the temporary difficulties in the company,

- always try to do their job as best they can to achieve the best possible result,

- show responsibility,

- easily fulfill tasks out of their range of work obligations,

- accept the organizational changes,

- take care of the success of the company,

Every company wants to have satisfied employees and a lower labor force turnover. Loyal employees are the bearers of successful companies. In order to build loyal employees first, you need to create and maintain a strong relationship with them. To foster mutual trust. To achieve this it is necessary to show employees that there is a partnership between management and employees, by maintaining positive interpersonal relationships that the manager can achieve. Many people think that loyalty is provided by higher salaries and benefits, but this is not always the case. In order to achieve loyalty from the employees, it is important that the company shows loyalty to them.

Loyal employees have a natural hunger for improvement and success, they are the foundation of every company, they always think of ways to help the company grow and they pass their enthusiasm to the new employees.

"Loyalty is a commitment to the company, pride in the company"

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