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It is necessary to make efforts to provide HR through employment, employee empowerment & training.

Human resources are an essential component of a business, regardless of the size of the company itself. The task of human resources is to maximize the productivity of employees as well as to protect the company from any issues that may arise within the work picture. Simply put, human resources is a group that is responsible for managing the life cycle of employees in terms of employment, recruitment, training, etc.

Terms of human resources, can and should be a separate part of any organization, which would mean watching people and their talents as an opportunity to create greater organizational strengths. The roles of human resources in organizations are usually identified as three and their focus is on: administration - which focuses on substantive administration, records, and legal documents, operational – which is the management of multiple activities for human resources in accordance with the strategies and last but not least and last but not least operations that are identified by management and strategic role that helps define the strategy in terms of human capital and its contribution to organizational results.

Human resource management is the process of designing management systems that ensure that human talent is used effectively in order to achieve organizational goals. Managing people as human resources is essential in organizations of all sizes, it is much more than simply managing a payroll program, designing training, or avoiding conflict. Human resources should be an important part of successful market competition, which requires different levels of differentiation in the way human resources are managed.

Small businesses employ more than 50% of all private-sector employees and create new jobs each year. Some of the significant problems faced by small organizations are the lack of a sufficient number of qualified staff, tax increases, and compliance with government regulations. These problems are also reflected in the human resources sector where it is necessary to make efforts to provide human resources through employment, employee empowerment, and training that contribute positively to sales growth in various service companies in the industry.

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