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Down there, to the southeast of the Old Lady of Europe, on the hilly Balkans, is the entrance to Macedonia, the wine country thanks to Tikvesh Valley. Its central place is the city of Kavadarci where the sun shines forever... But however, there is something more worthy to explore here. Despite numerous plunders, destructions, and ruinations over the centuries. Macedonia is rich in carvings created through the centuries, and the tradition continues today. Searching the apologists of the tradition, you can reach the woodcarving atelier Zingiber n Kavadarci followed by a traditional welcome with wine and brandy by the hosts in the Atelier which will give you a feeling "at home-away-from-home" as result of the warm hospitality of the MILEVI family.

You will have the opportunity to listen to the story of their humble beginnings and see the unique masterpieces with different motifs made here and all over the world. The woodcarving atelier has been cultivating the Macedonian traditional carving for more than 30 years with all its authentic skills. The presentation is followed by education and the opportunity to try carving skills under the supervision of carver Marjan with his wife Mina with more than 30 years of experience. Carving various motifs including your name or a significant date on a piece of wood.

How can you use your love and kindness to brighten up a friend, a parent, a loved one, or even a stranger? Zingiber knows that even the smallest act of kindness can truly change your life forever - the happiest guest receives a souvenir specially made by the woodcarving atelier Zingiber. But that is not all, they give part of their soul to each guest - valuable souvenirs as memorials and that is the heart of every Macedonian through authentic souvenirs. A cherry tree medallion with a twig of wine: This is a twig of Kartoshia variety, one of the oldest vine grapes in the world, fastened on a red string with a traditional knit. They believe the souvenir once given is never forgotten.

When we talk about love, Mina loves to prepare specialties made from ecological products from this region in a traditional way, among which is Madzun one of the most famous cures since the time of Sultan Suleiman.

Let`s enjoy together every moment of this gift called life!

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