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How is coronavirus changing the business world - do we have a new vision?

1. It's time to have a clear vision for your business activities and real competences

The best business plans identify multiple scenarios that cover specific activities the company will take under coronavirus conditions. These scenarios include various levels of activity, depending on the size of the problem. Not every plan miss will require the same level of response; having options offers flexibility and the ability to target the response more precisely. 2. Modeling Front People - take care of your employees.

Maybe it's time to stop for a while - even selling more to existing customers is always faster and has a greater impact than new products. Consider the balance sheet. Communication with your team is critical. Clear communication is essential and everybody needs to know what’s happening and why and how they can help.

3. Organizational re-engineering is a must - it's called the Contingency Plan.

Having a sound contingency plan in place and minding some or all of the actions outlined above will go a long way toward successfully managing off-plan performance. In good times or bad, a contingency plan can provide a solution to help weather downsizing, manage risks, and certain opportunities.

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