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Here and now

Mother Teresa said: - "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."

But I can't help but wonder, does that family have to be our own blood, or are we so stingy that we can't spare enough for everyone?

Every day we are surrounded by people, people with whom we communicate, with whom we work, as well as those who need our services, help, or just advice. From my 15 years of volunteer experience and humanitarian work in the Red Cross, I realized that the trust you give, the love and care for the people around you is never wasted and does not come from a well with a bottom, but it is an infinite source. Imagine if we started changing our perception of others, here and now, and put aside the doubt created by today's world. With more trust than we had before, we will develop harmony in all our encounters. With just a little effort and self-reflection, everyday work would lose its tension, interaction with colleagues would be easier and companies would get the best teams ever, teams build on trust and therefore, invulnerable.

So why not try, here and now.

Today yourself, tomorrow the team, and one day, maybe the world.

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