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Changing the context of Organizational role in Digital technology - NEPAL, 04 April 2020, video ppt.


- AI and robots in the workplace

- The Internet of Machines

- Data-driven decision making

- Flatter organizations (less hierarchy)

- Social media and mobile apps

- And many more…

We live in a global technology world! What is actually transforming?

- People behavior

- Business Organization

- Technology

1. Master (big) data and learning algorithms:

- Transactional (dynamic data), periodically updated or changed over time.

- Unstructured, information that does not have a pre-defined data model.

- Analytical, collection of data, used to support decision making and/or research.

- Metadata, data that provides information about other data.

Master-data may contain information about customers, products, employees, materials, suppliers, and vendors.

2. Mobile devices and ICT

Consider five technologies that are transforming organizations that drive it: cloud and mobile computing, manufacturing, advanced robotics sensors, and intelligent technologies are not just helping people to dogies. These things better and faster, but they are enabling profound in organizations.

3. Intelligently automated production

- Using algorithms and mathematical procedures

- Being acquainted with the current technological developments in your field

- Looking at examples where automated production is being used and looking at implementing ideas into your own work

- Intelligently using data-driven and automated processes in production

- Harnessing the power of machines (robots) in the production process

4. Artificial intelligence in management processes

- AI can help good managers become great managers

- It is important to learn about AI and to see what can be implemented in your work

- AI can go through data and produce valuable results

- AI is a developing field, so it is necessary to be up to date with the current developments

5. Organizational engineering

- Processes are not set in stone, they can be changed when necessary

- It is important and useful to use data to change the organizational structure of the processes in order to be more efficient

- Using engineering techniques and methodology in the organization

- Input -> Process -> Output

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